How to take care of your crystals


When you start your spiritual journey we all want to know how to take care of crystals and sometimes the answers you get are an “Oh OK”. Here are some tips you can do and a few I’ve done.




= Not $$$ but you light it and let the smoke hit them.






= In a bowl put some of the sea salt and put your crystals in there and let them sit for a bit.






= Put all your crystals in a bowl or out and let them get the energy of the full moon. The full moon is female energy !! Also if the full moon is hitting one of your windows that’s a good place too. TIP if its foggy out over even overcast, it’s still ok put them out.







=Clear quartz and Selenite are good alternatives ( Check photo, its the one on the right). Selenite doesn’t need to be cleaned at all BUT DO NOT put it in the water !! It will disintegrate. The size of it doesn’t matter, this crystal is awesome !!






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