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WHO IS MISS EVIL KITTY: Is a boho-inspired shop who designs for the modern mystics out there the witchy modern ladies. We call out selfs MEK for short!

MEK IS  17  YEARS OLD: Is is old enough to drive a car but not old enough to drink HA!

MEK ARE BASED IN:  We call  Northern California home .. OR  as we like to call it the COOL Part of California. We are actually two hours from Beautiful San Francisco.

Meks’ Mom: Is the awesome but ever so witchy lady by the name of Gabbie A. She’s been the lady behind all the cute boho inspired goodies she also happens to be a crystal healer too which we LOVE a lot.


MEK likes to keep things simple. MEK is searching for a few awesome witchy and boho loving ladies or dudes who would love to show off who we are to the world. We are looking for the yogis and the crystal collectors we are looking for those types.  If your one sign up today.  Make sure to fill out the form .- Mek Crew!