About Mek


Hello, I’m Gabbie and this is Miss evil kitty. Since 2002, I have been making handmade jewelry and it been a passion even before then.Don’t let the name throw you off. I was eighteen when I came up with the name BUT it has a special place in my cat lover heart. The black Gato ( Cat) in the logo is in memory of Snowy a black cat my family had while I was growing up. He was smart and had a good heart and thing for corn on the cob ( not joking). He “Kitten sit” our kitten Sherbo. Snowy left us soon and Sherbo lived to be a happy silly thirteen-year-old or 91 in human years. The Evil in the name is a reminder that evil cats are a thing and at times crazy. I’ve had a good share of cats in my life ( Snowy, Fig, Sherbo, and Friday just to name a few) but they have always taught me one thing, It’s perfectly fine to be independent and a free spirit. I hope my jewelry and paper goods brings laughter and joy to your life.